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Business Services

Our small business customers care about cost, but they don't neccessarily want the cheapest price. They want to get the best price to get the job done correctly and they only want to pay for results. That is why SuperTeks provides flat rates for many common tasks based on how much the job is worth, and reasonable hourly rates for all other jobs. We also have Microsoft (MCSE) and Network+ Certified technicians to ensure that all work is performed by the most qualified technicians. The below pricing is for our flat rate services. Please contact us for quotes for additional networking services.

24/7 Help Desk

For our customers who would rather call for help and have their problems resolved over the phone rather than wait to have someone to come to their location for help.

  • Average 45 second response time to all calls.
  • United States based call center.
  • Remote desktop support for problem resolution.
  • Support of third-party software applications.
  • Answering of general computer questions.
  • Fixed monthly costs to easily fit within your budget.
  • Available for both residential and business customers.

Flat Rates: Per User (Monthly): $25. With Server Support: $30

24/7 Remote Monitoring and Computer Management

Wouldn't it be great if computers could maintain and repair themselves without ever having to see a technician? SuperTeks can make this a possibility for your organization with our remote monitoring and managment service. For our customers who want their servers and workstations monitored remotely 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Includes general server and desktop maintenance, problem detection, and remote resolution. For hardware issues that cannot be resolved remotely, a technician can be dispatched for an additional fee.

  • Monitoring and escalating alerts 24/7.
  • Remote troubleshooting and repair for both desktops and servers.
  • 24/7 preventive maintenance.
  • Patch management.
  • Reviewing backups.
  • Defragmenting the hard disk.
  • Deleting temp files.
  • Preventing viruses.
  • Reducing spam.
  • Fixed monthly rate to control IT expenses.

Flat Rates: Per Site (Monthly): $500.

Email Account Setup

For our customers who need assistance creating additional email accounts for their organization.

  • Email user account creation or deletion. Configuring of username and password for new user.
  • Mail settings can be provided for Outlook or other email client configuration.
  • See below pricing for Email Client Setup if needed.

Per User: $25.

Email Archiving and Security

For our clients who want to stay in compliance for retaining their company records and/or be able to monitor their employees email communications.

  • Setup of Postini email archiving service for one or more users.
  • Configuration of access permissions for administrative and non-administrative use.
  • Includes spam and virus filtering for the protection of your business network.
  • Also includes optional compliance footer to be appended to all corporate email communications.

Per User (Annual): $45 (10 years). $25 (1 years).

Email Client Setup (Outlook)

For our customers who need to access their email from an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or a smart-phone.

  • Creation of an account profile.
  • Configuring email client to sync email messages from a remote server such as gmail or a webmail email host.
  • Testing email client to ensure proper functionality (ie: properly send and receive emails).

Flat Rates: Per User: $50.

Google Apps for Business Setup

For our customers who want to take advantage of the features provide by Google Apps for Business. Superteks can create a new google apps account for a specific domain name.

  • Email hosting, video hosting, document hosting, etc.
  • 25 GB for email storage per user account.
  • Mobile email, calendar and IM access.
  • 99.9% uptime reliability guarantee with synchronous replication.

Flat Rates: Per User (Annual): $50.

File Server/NAS Setup

For our customers who want to configure or setup a File Server or Network Attached Storage Server.

  • Transfering data to Server.
  • Configuring Server for network communication.
  • Configuring workstation or applying a group policy for file server access.
  • Testing server to verify proper functionality.

Flat Rates: Onsite Labor: $200.

Server Installation

For our customers who have purchased a server for their organization and need it to be setup and configured.

  • Configuring server as a domain controller.
  • Configuring Active Directory, DHCP, and DNS server roles.
  • Configuration of additional server roles as needed.
  • Establishing default domain password policy.
  • Testing to verify that all server requirements are met.

Flat Rates: Onsite Labor: $500.

Server Role Setup

For our customers who have an existing server and want to add an additional server role. ie: Exchange, Sharepoint, or Web Host.

  • Configuration of customer desired server role.
  • Testing to verify that all server requirements are met.

Flat Rates: Onsite Labor: $250.

Server Troubleshooting and Repair

For our customers that have a server that is not functioning properly.

  • Server troubleshooting and diagnostic.
  • Determine server issue and repair or provide quote if any parts are required.
  • Includes labor to replace any parts if required.
  • Testing to verify proper server functionality.

Flat Rates: Onsite Labor: $250.